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Party Walls

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 covers England and Wales and sets out the procedure to be followed for building works covered by the Act. Our extensive experience and expertise with this Act ensures building works are carried out both legally and safely. 

There is an obligation upon a property owner to serve notice on a neighbour if works are to be carried out to a party structure, involving excavations within three and six metres of an adjoining structure, or if it is proposed to build along the line of the boundary where there is no building at present.

Once notice has been served, adjoining owners can either consent or dissent, in which case a dispute is deemed to have arisen and this triggers the appointment of party wall surveyors under the Act. We pride ourselves on being able to resolve this dispute, seeking to ensure matters are dealt with swiftly and effectively. 

We will determine the time and manner of the works and any other matters arising from the notice. The determination is confirmed in an award, commonly described as a party wall award, and may include the design team’s drawings and method statements.

In the event of damage arising, we will decide whether this is a consequence of the works and, if so, the extent of any making good that may be required. In some cases, and where requested by an adjoining owner, we will also determine the amount to be paid to the adjoining owner in lieu of the damage being made good.

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