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Anstey Horne

About Us

Our Team

Anstey Horne is run by nine directors: Lance Harris, Graham North, Heather Schöpp, Matthew Craske, Matthew Briggs, Sally TesterGeoffrey Adams, Alex Cocking and Stephen Mealings all of whom are leading experts in their field.

Lance and Graham head the firm’s rights of light and party wall and building surveying teams. Prior to joining Anstey Horne, Heather ran the rights of light department in another specialist practice. Matthew C has joined Anstey Horne, bringing his experiences of other practices and computer software. Alex has over twenty years general building surveying experience. Matthew B, Sally and Geoff have all developed extensive experience in party wall matters before and during employment with Anstey Horne. Stephen brings almost thirty years experience in both neighbourly matters and general buidling surveying.  The experience of the directors ensures there is significant depth and breadth of knowledge to support our clients. 

Anstey Horne is organised into three departments: one dealing with rights of light and daylight and sunlight; the other dealing with party walls and neighbourly matters and the third dealing with general building surveying instructions. Each department comprises a group of directors, as outlined above, associate directors and surveyors, each of whom specialise in their relevant disciplines. Although the three departments concentrate on their own areas, they integrate closely with each other on projects where instructions straddle disciplines.

An essential part of the rights of light and daylight and sunlight department is our technical team, which is headed up by Associate Directors Nick Barry, Bert Szabo-Papp and Rahul Parmar. Nick, Bert and Rahul and their team of technicians specialise in 3D CAD work and undertake detailed rights of light, daylight and sunlight studies using computer modelling and bespoke software. 

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